In 2016 things started falling apart for me.  I had been drinking excessively since I was 17 and the liquor began to leak into everyday life.  After a sabbatical to an empty town in Mexico, thinking that it was probably just my job, I returned to life in the bottle.  I knew something was wrong with me but didn’t want to admit it was the booze.

A year later a severe case of food poisoning, limiting my alcohol intake, inspired a white-knuckled fifty days through sobriety.  I relapsed with my first beer, which led to a bottle of wine, that led to a couple vodkas, that resumed my life back to hours at the bars and bottles under my bed.

By August 2018 I had lost my job and the relationship I was in had its last threads broken.  I hit my rock bottom.  With my health failing I crawled into a therapists office and began rehabilitation.  A promise I made to myself was to write every day through the journey. 

Getting sober isn’t easy.  But it’s smarter than staying drunk.  If you have any questions about getting sober or alcohol addiction, feel free to reach out to me – billy@billymcclure.com.  I’m not a therapist, or expert, or even that inspirational.  Just an ear.  I know how much I needed one when I was in trouble.